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DVDXCOPY Platinum represents a breakthrough in DVD movie backup technology, and is the most powerful DVD movie backup software ever.

This is the perfect DVD movie backup tool for every DVD movie burning situation, guaranteed to satisfy DVD movie lovers at any level. With DVD X Platinum's Simple mode, you get one-click automated backups with blazing speed. Platinum is the most advanced DVD movie burning technology of its kind. .


DVDXcopy XPress is a high quality DVD backup program which can compress your longest movie onto one disc. You won't have to have a two-disc set for classic full-length films anymore.

Just insert the movie and a blank DVD then press Start. Your entire movie - including menus, trailers and special features - is copied to a single DVD in one click.

DVDXCopy Platinum Buy Now!     $119.99

DVDXCopy Platinum is the most powerful DVD movie backup software ever. Along with the speed, ease of use and one-click convenience of DVDXCopy XPRESS, DVDXCopy Platinum adds brand-new TDF backup technology which allows complete customization and control over their movie backup. TDF is the breakthrough movies fans have been demanding and allows for scene by scene control over compression. Create and share TDF files with others. Satisfies even the most critical movie fans.

With DVDXCopy Platinum you can make high quality backups on a single DVD, or make perfect quality backups on multiple DVDs. Other DVD XCopy Platinum features include automatic compression, manual compression control, copy movies in under an hour, one-click and copy, backup special features, menus, trailers, and the BEST movie quality available!

DVD X Rescue recovers lost data from DVDs or CDs. If you couldn’t watch your favorite movie, have suffered an unintentional remix of your favorite music, or lost precious photos or data, this innovative software is for you. Until now there’s never been a cure for the scratches, distortions or read errors caused by common everyday use. DVD X Rescue will easily recover, restore, and Rescue virtually any lost data and burn it to a new DVD/CD. All of your lost data is restored! Get it back with DVD X Rescue.

Included in DVDXCOPY Platinum are DVD XCopy and DVDXCopy Express. DVDXCopy is the ultimate movie backup software that can satisfy even the most critical movie fan - you!

DVD X Copy GOLD combines the one-click convenience and ease of use of DVD X Copy XPRESS with the power of our bestselling DVD X Copy. Make high quality backups to a single disc or perfect quality backups - including menus, trailers and special features – the choice is yours. DVD X Copy GOLD gives you the choice - burn your entire DVD – including menus, trailers and special effects – to a single disc with high quality, or create a perfect quality movie backup on multiple discs.

This program and the price are phenomenal! Why waste money replacing your favorite DVD movies and games? Make a copy for mere change on the dollar and watch or play your copy! The original stays safe and brand new in it's case... Is it too late? Did you already break out that new DVD and get some scratches - Your copy won't have them and can help you save that original!

The movies you create can be watched anywhere - in the living room on your home theater system, or in your portable DVD player or PC with DVD drive or laptop.

DVDXCopy Xpress Buy Now!      $49.99

The latest revolutionary product from 321 Studios that allows you to make high quality backup copies of all your DVD movies. Building on the DVD X Copy™ technology, 321 Studios has made the simplest DVD backup utility available, period. Best of all, DVDXCopy XPRESS™ can fit your DVD movie on to just one blank disc. No longer are you required to split your DVD movies across two separate discs.

Now you can make high quality backups of your favorite DVD movies with one-click convenience. Simply insert your DVD movie, click one button and DVDXCopy XPRESS backs up your entire movie on a single disc - and with this new version now you can backup everything including the menus, languages and special features! It's really that easy!

DVDXCopy Xpress comes with the standard DVDXCopy guarantees. You can have a free 14-day trial version. There is free technical support, and there is an unconditional money back guarantee.




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